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HQRP AC Adapter Compatible with Line 6 Bass POD XT XTL, FloorPod, FloorPod Plus, JM4 Looper, Micro Spider, POD xt Live Power Supply Cord Line6 SY09200A 11320000 Transformer 4.5 out of 5 stars 33 13.91 13 . 91: 32generic: 32generic【Get Price】

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20141011ensp 0183enspThe original power supply on my Line 6 POD xt live stopped working. I bought a generic power supply fit the same power rating, ie 9V 2000ma, and it will power on the unit but the unit will not work. It was working fine before the power supply blew. Do I have to have an original Line 6 power The original power supply on my Line 6 POD xt live stopped working. I bought a generic power supply fit the same power rating, ie 9V 2000ma, and it...the line6 power supply is AC power... a generic is usually DC power... you may have possibly damaged your unit... seek out an AC power unit.. or th...You did get an AC power supply right Ha ole lightening fingers Zap beat me to it : Yeah, I got an AC power supply. The generic one I bought has exactly the same specs as the original, and as I said, it will power up the unit. But...Well there is something out of spec barrel size, amps, etc a PS is a PS regardless of the name on it. I wonder if tip polarity matters to AC ...Thats what Ive always thought, but its just not working in this particular instance. And yeah, the tip polarity might have some kind of effect,...You should buy another generic adapter and see if it works if it doesnt take it back.Guess Ill take it to Guitar Center and try a Line 6 power supply on it, and if it works, Ill just buy that one. Ill still have a 9V 2000ma power...So the computer sees it and allows you to flash it So exactly what is not working I know you said it has the same specs, but Just for the record,...Just for the record. the output is 9V AC. As I said Ive worked with electricity for a lot of years, and I wouldnt try to use a DC power supply on...Power supply for used POD POD 2.0, POD XT ...2015717Floor POD Plus power supply. POD 2.0, POD XT ...2015513【Get Price】

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Replacement Line 6 PX2 Power Supply, Digitech Power Supply 9v AC for JHE, XAprm, JamMan, EX7, GNX1, RP100350, RPx400, BP200, Vocal 300, Vx400, EXH, VL2, VL4, HarmonyMan, TimeBender, POD 2.0, POD XT, POD XT Live, FLOOR POD,Line 6 DL4 DM4 FM4 MM4 JM4 CABLE LENGTH: 1.96M Total OUTPUT: AC 9V 2000mA INPUT: AC 110V 120V 50 60HZ: 214【Get Price】

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DC3h Power Supply for POD Go and more DCDL4 Power Supply . 39.99 . Add to Cart. 12V DC Power supply, 1000mA, centerpositive . DC1g Power Supply ... For select Line 6 wireless receivers . View as List Grid. 7 Items . Show per page. Sort By ...: 32generic: 32generic【Get Price】

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200772ensp 0183enspA: The Line 6 PX2 is the correct power supply for the Floor Pod and Floor Pod Plus. Q: What are the MIDI jacks on my FloorPod Plus unit for A: The MIDI jacks on the Floorpod Plus are are used to connect to MIDI jacks to update the patches on your Floorpod Plus using the Vyzex editor.: 32generic: 32generic【Get Price】

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2006117ensp 0183enspOption 1: We recommended that the proper Line 6 power supply be used. Please contact an authorized Line 6 Distributor for the appropriate region. To acquire the proper Line 6 power supply for a desired country, please visit the Authorized Line 6 Dealers page to find an one near you. Option 2: You will need a travel voltage converter.: 32generic: 32generic【Get Price】

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2015717ensp 0183enspJust got a used POD 2 at an auction and it came without a power supply. I have a 1Spot which supposedly will handle 90 of existing pedals. Unfortunately, POD seems to fall in the bad 10. Is the power supply for POD proprietary Is there a way I can adapt the 1Spot to be used on the POD【Get Price】

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20101018ensp 0183enspRe: Floor Pod Adapter/Power supply by john septian on 20101018 08:51:38.3220 I live in Indonesia and my distributor said you can buy outside from line 6 but must use same spec【Get Price】

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201879ensp 0183enspThe manual says quotConnect only to AC power outlets rated 100120v or 230v, 4763 Hz depending on the power range of the included power supply .quot Your power supply says 120v AC. Not sure what youre showing in the 3rd picture. You should check with Line6 Technical Support otherwise you could severely damage your PODXT.: 32generic: 32generic【Get Price】 line 6 pod power supply

SOOLIU 9V AC/DC Power Supply Adapter Compatible for LINE 6 Pocket POD DC1 Guitar Power Supply Replacement for Line 6 Bass Floor Pod 9V Ac Adapter 1639.99 163 9 . 99: 32generic: 32generic【Get Price】